Welcome to myfeed media

Myfeed Media is a personal project of Phillip Dews a website developer from the UK. This project was borne out of a conversation Phillip had online with a number of friends who became disillusioned with the way most modern social media websites are run today.

Most modern Social Networking websites are full of advertising and use modern algorithms to show you what it thinks you like in a way for that entity to generate money. Essentially we humans have become a commodity to be exploited.

Myfeed media is a place for humans to interact with each other as a community of friends. A place where we can share posts, photo’s messages and communicate with each other the way we used to back in the day when MySpace, Facebook and Twitter were happy places to reside.

Myfeed media does not use advertising of any sort and never will. However running a site like this can be costly which is why we will be very grateful for any donation you can give.

Mission Statement

Myfeed media will Never use Algorithms to show you what it thinks you like. Your friends posts and content will be displayed in a chronological order as they are published. Myfeed media will never bombard you with targeted ads and advertisement. Myfeed media will always be free to join and whatever you post will always be yours to control.

Myfeed media will never store or use your content during or after you close your account with us. We will automatically delete all of your content should you wish to leave us for any reason at any time.

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